Why Forex Prop Trading is a Global Opportunity

Hearing from the My Forex Funds prop traders is always exciting for our company. A common question we are getting from our newer followers is – Why is FOREX prop trading such a great opportunity. We will look to address this question in this blog and hopefully provide some insight to traders new and old.

Forex Prop Trading reduces your individual financial risk!

All traders should know by now that trading is a business of risk. Controlling your risk will help you stay in business.
Trading with a FOREX prop firm gives you the opportunity to increase your account capital with minimal exposure.
If you were to deposit the funding program fee into a trading account, your capital would only be the fee amount. With a My Forex Funds evaluation account, you can get a $100,000 account with as little as $499. A huge capital boost can also push your career forward in trading and allow you to use lower risk to get a higher reward than if you traded your own funds.

Earn more from your Profit split with less risk!

My mind on my money and my money on my mind. When a trader decides to jump feet first into live trading there is always one thing on their mind…… Money!
With an increased account size you can risk less to earn more.
If you have a $1000 account balance and are risking only 1% per trade for a 2% return you will earn $20 per trade for an initial investment cost of $1000. If you were to buy a $100,000  MyForexFunds evaluation program and reach the live account status your 2% return becomes $2000 *75% (because of your profit split percentage) and your initial investment cost is only $499 if you maintain your original 1:2 risk to reward strategy.

Remember, the MyForexFunds $100,000 evaluation account only costs $499 and has a profit split starting at 75% and reaches 85% on the third month.

On top of your benefit from the additional capital, when you withdraw your profits you don’t lose your boosted capital. If you were to trade your own account, every withdrawal would lower the capital value over time. MyForexFunds also scales your capital with your success so your initial capital will grow over time as well. Get paid and grow, it’s a win win.

Work from home, the beach, the car, the mountains and on your own time!

We have not lost sight of why the FOREX prop trading industry is a global market. But most people like to hear about the money first.
The true element of why this is a global opportunity is the fact that you can work remotely, from wherever you are, at any time with low entry cost.
MyForexFunds has multiple levels of entry to cater to all the aspiring traders of the world. Whether you are located in New York City, Lagos, Laos or in the center of the Gobi Desert, so long as you have an internet connection you can benefit from this futuristic opportunity and become a member of the MyForexFunds family.

To the MFF staff this is one of the most fruitful parts of the company, we are able to meet people of all walks of life, in all parts of the world and unite with one common goal and experience the vibrance of an international community.

We look forward to seeing your career skyrocket with the MyForexFunds trading community.

See you in discord.

Yavuz Karadeniz
Support Team Lead

Earn as a professional trader

Our Prop Firm has multiple programs to start your journey as a Forex Funded Trader. Choose one of our funding programs and start trading, earn bonuses and profit-splits.


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