Introducing MyForexFunds VIP, a new Reward Program for Traders

We are thrilled to unveil the VIP Program, a brand-new program to reward traders, developed by MyForexFunds.

At MyForexFunds we believe in rewarding those who persevere and do the hard work to obtain success. We are initiating this new Program to reward the traders who are successfully trading with MFF in a long term. We have hundreds of traders who have been trading with us for more than 5 months and month after month are enjoying the benefits of our evaluation program. These traders will now enjoy the benefits of their success by having a status upgrade to VIP within our evaluation program.

What is a MyForexFunds VIP?

A MyForexFunds VIP is a trader who has proven to us, and to themselves that they have what it takes to last in a real trading environment as a professional trader. This means that they can manage their risk, manage their emotions and make money trading without risking setting the house on fire.

Who qualifies to be a VIP?

Traders who have been paid out at least 5 times and have traded with MyForexFunds for a minimum of 3 months are eligible for the VIP program. HOWEVER, if your trading style is considered all in, or high risk, you will not be eligible unless your trading style reverts to a tolerable risk threshold for a 3-month period and of course a trader must not have violated any of our rules up until this point (including copy trading). Traders must have traded normally during all payout periods to be eligible. Traders who attempt to game the system in any way will not be eligible.

What are the benefits of being a VIP?

VIP features a number of additional benefits to our loyal traders, including:
90% profit split
• The ability to withdraw at any time, with no restrictions (the payout request button will always be active if you are in profit)
Semi-automated payout confirmations (Money in your Deel account within 10 hours)
Other surprises that may appear in your mailbox

Currently, there are hundreds of traders eligible to be a VIP at MyForexFunds.

Murtuza Kazmi, Chairman and CEO,

shares his thoughts about the MyForexFunds VIP:

“The VIP Program was a long-time idea from our team. Putting our heads together we have come up with a way to reward those successful traders who are trading with us and give motivation to the rest of the community. The VIP Program features a number of extra perks that we hope traders will enjoy, including an elegant VIP badge for them to be proud of.’’ In the months ahead, we look forward to seeing our VIP trading team grow more and can’t wait to witness the MFF community reaching its full potential.

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