Its always great to hear from our traders and our traders speak to us regularly. One of the most common questions that we get is – How can I pass my evaluation easier?

We have put together this blog series to give you some ideas on what the traders who are passing evaluations are doing.


Most evaluation failures that occur are because the trader is not taking their time. Most failures of live accounts follow the same trend. A user who may have passed an evaluation in a single trade but reaches the live account will fail on their second, third or even fourth trade on live.
The traders who have the most success in the My Forex Funds evaluation program are the traders who use their time wisely, take their time and do not rush. If someone passes in one day, you can be sure they will fail just as quickly.  Take your time, ease into it and do not allow the pressures of time to affect your psychology.
Taking it slow is not only good for your balance sheet but also good for your health. You will find that when people are rushing to achieve their financial goals in a single day, they become stressed, their health condition drops significantly and their psychological condition drops. It is a vicious cycle of negatives that we all want to avoid as it will prevent us from being successful.

Remember, My Forex Funds has free unlimited restarts for traders who finish the evaluation phase 1 within the 30-day period in profit but not at the profit target. We also offer an extension of up to 30 days for traders who show consistency and good risk management habits.

Taking it slow may not feel like a natural instinct when it comes to trading FOREX, Metals or CFD’s, especially when it comes to reaching your financial goals, but the ironic thing is you are more likely to reach your goals if you take it slow.

As always, the My Forex Funds team wishes you good fortune with your trading, we hope you stay happy and healthy. Remember, your success is our business.

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