MFF vs Traders – The Greatest Trading Challenge

Hello traders!

MFF is always looking to spice things up and bring interesting things to funded trader, prop firm space.
Today we would like to introduce to you the MFF vs Traders’ trading challenge.

The concept of the trading challenge is taken from the man vs food television series where the host takes on food challenges around the United States and gets rewards for completing them.

In our MFF vs Traders’ trading challenge we look to put our traders to the task against not only other traders but also against a member of the MFF staff.

Not all our staff are traders so sometimes it will be easier than others, however you can be assured that the staff who are trading against you have a few tricks up their sleeve (obviously without cheating of course).

How it works

Every fortnight we will open a new MFF vs Traders trading challenge to the public. Each user including the MFF trader will be required to have a 100k evaluation account. We will announce the period to opt-in for the challenge 1 week in advance.

Your account will enter a leaderboard system which will be published here on our blog as well as in discord and on social media. We will use account numbers as identifiers of traders and the name of the staff member from MFF. At the end of two weeks, whoever is the leader (within the rule parameters) will win the ability to skip phase 2 and be refunded their evaluation fee after completing phase 1.

A user must pass the ordinary evaluation to receive the reward if they have not completed the evaluation within the 2 week period of the challenge

How to opt-in

To opt-in simply go to our landing page and fill in your details there. Please make sure you have a fresh 100k evaluation before opting in. We will be starting with 100k but will alternate to include everyone as time passes and the promotion is successful.

Registrations are now open and the first round will start on the 9th of August.

Rules? More rules!

Obviously with a challenge like this allowing gambling style trading just will not be happening. This is a human vs human competition where we want to keep luck out of the equation. A funded trader talent challenge to show your strength as a trader using professional techniques to defeat the other. For this reason, we have developed the following rules for this program:

1) Max lots open at any time – Forex and metals 10, CFD’s 50
2) All trades must have a stop loss
3) No EA’s (including trade copiers), human trading talent only.
4) No weekend holding
5) MFF staff must record themselves taking every trade

Now, about the rules.

Rule #1 is set to make sure that people are using reasonable risk management in their trading. These settings are based on the traders who pass and are successful in our 100k evaluation program. This is the average holding size of the better traders in our database.

Rule #2 is again to prove that you are using proper risk management. No stop loss suggests you are not taking risk management seriously and are willing to hold a trade forever. Failure to implement a stop loss will be breaking the rules

Rule #3 this is just to ensure its human vs human with no outside help or advantage. Its not an attack on EA’s just is not the purpose of this trading challenge. Trade copiers are also not allowed due to the fact we can’t verify that the original trade was taken by a human.

Rule #4 This is to make the trading challenge a more active trading approach. It is not an attack on those who hold trades over the weekend its just to keep this trading challenge active.

Rule #5 This is so you can tell we are on the up and up. We will be providing a compilation of our trade videos as evidence and entertainment whilst doing this challenge.

Importantly, if you break these rules, you will not lose your evaluation account, you will just be disqualified from the leaderboard. No harm no foul.

Have Fun

We all take our trading seriously, but sometimes we must have fun with it as well. This trading challenge enables us to go about our trading in a fun way and get a nice reward if we are successful. Our staff are working close with you all providing support and services and trading together will bring the family closer together. 

So, do you have what it takes?

We will see you on the trading floor!

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