The Benefits of Trading with a Prop Trading Firm

The Benefits of Trading with a Prop Firm

If you’re a forex trader looking to make the most of your skills, you might have come across the term prop trading or proprietary trading. In essence, prop trading is when a trader uses the capital and resources of a prop firm to trade financial instruments, such as currencies, stocks, or derivatives.

Prop trading has become increasingly popular in the forex market, as it offers traders an opportunity to trade with larger capital and potentially earn higher profits. Let’s dive into the benefits of forex prop trading and how it can help you take your trading career to the next level.

What is Forex Prop Trading?

Forex prop trading is a type of trading where a trader trades on behalf of a forex trading firm, also known as a prop firm. In prop trading, the trader uses the firm’s capital to make trades, and in return, the trader gets a share of the profits. Forex prop trading allows traders to leverage the capital of the prop firm and access higher leverage, which can potentially lead to higher returns.

Prop trading firms typically provide traders with access to proprietary trading platforms, advanced trading tools, and market data, which can help them make informed trading decisions.

Let us now highlight the Benefits that come with Forex Prop Trading Firm:

Benefit no1: Access to Higher Capital

One of the main benefits of forex prop trading is the ability to access higher capital. Prop firms typically have large pools of capital that traders can use to make trades, which can be particularly useful for traders who do not have sufficient capital to trade on their own. With higher capital, traders can take larger positions and potentially earn higher profits. Additionally, prop firms often offer higher leverage, which allows traders to amplify their returns even further.

How can access to higher capital help a trader?

The most common factor that retail traders struggle with is access to higher capital. Let us take an example of a 5,000 USD account. If a trader feels confident about his/her strategy and generates consistent profits of 10% a month, that will generate a $500 profit. However, access to higher capital of 100,000 USD and following the same strategy can result in 10,000 USD profit a month which is 20-fold from what one can generate in a personal trading account of 5,000 USD.

You can see from one example below:

successful trader with MyForexFunds

Above is an example of a successful trader with MyForexFunds, as you can see the trader managed to achieve a 300,000 USD live account.

The account has been traded for 43 days and generated a whopping return of $69,212.33 which is 23.07% ROI on initial capital. With higher access to capital, you can generate multiple-fold returns with significantly less cost (registration fee) and with no risk of losing your own capital.

Furthermore, with no fixed risk parameters in place, a trader can over-leverage and lose the entire trading capital. However, with Prop firms, traders do not bear any losses if they lose their accounts. The maximum amount lost is the registration fee paid to access the account which can really help traders to cut down their losses and at the same time maximize returns through higher capital.

So why wait? If you want to access higher capital of up to 300,000 USD, MyForexFunds has got you covered!

Based on the above, our Prop Firm has multiple programs to start your journey as a Forex Funded Trader. More Specifically there are 3 funding programs that someone can choose and start trading, earn bonuses and profit-splits:

Rapid Program

Our Rapid account allows our traders to earn bonuses from day one while working with our FOREX and CFD’s trading prop firm and the risk management aspects that come with it. My Forex Funds Rapid account program is built to reward traders for their time while assessing the trader as they learn to trade with a demo account.

The account sizes range from $10k to $100k. Finally, the advantage of the Rapid program is that you are getting bonuses whilst being assessed so your time is rewarded during the first three months despite your trading being in a demo environment.

Evaluation Program

Our Forex Funded Account Evaluation program is built for FOREX traders to prove their skills. Semi-professional traders in need of capital to move to the next level of their career, have the opportunity to show their talent and reach their goals in a quick, two-phase process and join our FOREX Prop Firm and become a funded trader.

Evaluation trading account sizes range from $5k to $300k with profit-split payouts occurring once a month on the first month and then bi-weekly from that point on. Prove your worth and jump to a funded account in as little as 10 days or take it easy and pass within 90 days.

Accelerated Program

The My Forex Funds Accelerated program is built for our traders to start trading a live account from day one. This program is suitable for profitable full-time traders who want to boost their capital immediately. With My Forex Funds’ Accelerated program, we allow professional traders to skip the line and jump right into trading real funds, grow quickly with our compounding rewards and reap the benefits of being a professional trader. This is where you can scale up your account up to $2 million dollars with MyForexFunds.

Benefit no2: Professional Development and Support

  • Forex prop trading can be a great way for traders to develop their skills and knowledge. Prop firms often provide traders with access to training and educational content which can help traders improve their trading skills and learn new strategies. My Forex Funds has an exclusive blog section where traders can find useful trading tips, as well as interviews with successful traders in order to expand their knowledge and trading strategies.
  • Prop firms typically have a team of experienced traders who can provide 24/7 support if traders need it by answering their queries and can be of extreme help to new traders who are just getting started in the industry.
  • Prop firms can give traders the edge they need in trading by providing analytical tools through Account Metrics/Account Analyzer. Let us have a quick look at the Account Analyzer provided by MyForexFunds:
Account Analyzer

Traders can constantly monitor their performance through the Account Analyzer. It highlights all key statistics to gauge the trading performance. 

As you can see from the Analyzer above, due to high capital, traders can use higher volume (lots) in their trades and still manage to keep the losses small by observing strict risk management. It highlights the win rate, profit and loss for the day, total profits, number of trades placed in a day along with the most traded instrument and the average return per trade.

Continuous eyes on the account statistics can help traders learn the areas where they are falling short and make necessary changes in their trading strategy.

Benefit no3: Criteria that promote Discipline

Along with other advantages of trading with a Forex Prop Firm, it helps the traders maintain discipline in trading through proper risk management. We are all aware that statistically 90% of retail traders lose their accounts. However, by promoting strict risk management criteria in terms of the threshold to what percentage of trading capital a trader can lose in a day, prop firms, encourage the use of effective risk management which helps traders to cut their losses short and consistently reap rewards.

By observing such measures and being consistently profitable, Prop firms provide additional perks to their traders to make sure they are rewarded for it. At MyForexFunds, through the VIP program, traders who prove their worth are given additional benefits in terms of higher profit splits and faster payouts. With this feature, they do not have to wait for their monthly or bi-weekly payout date and can request their payouts on a daily basis.

Benefit no4: Be a part of a team

Trading with a prop trading firm can also provide access to valuable mentorship, networking opportunities, and collaboration with like-minded professionals. This can help them improve their trading skills and achieve greater success in the markets.

Choosing a Forex Prop Trading Firm

If you’re interested in forex prop trading, it’s important to choose a reputable prop firm that aligns with your trading goals and style. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a prop trading firm:

  • Reputation and track record: Look for a prop firm with a solid reputation and a track record of success. You can check reviews and ratings online, as well as ask for recommendations from other traders. My Forex Funds is the world’s leading prop trading firm while aiming for an extremely high trust score at Trustpilot.
  • Trading conditions: Consider the trading conditions offered by the prop firm, such as leverage, fees, and trading tools. Make sure the trading conditions are suitable for your trading strategy and goals.
  • Risk management: Look for a prop firm that has a strong risk management system in place, including risk limits, stop-loss orders, and other tools to help you manage your exposure to the market.

To wrap up

Forex prop trading can be an excellent option for experienced forex traders looking to take their trading to the next level. With access to higher capital, professional development, and trading flexibility, prop trading firms offer traders the resources and support they need to succeed in the competitive forex market.

With the right prop firm and a solid trading strategy, forex prop trading can be a lucrative and rewarding career choice for traders who are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed.

Earn as a professional trader

Our Prop Firm has multiple programs to start your journey as a Forex Funded Trader. Choose one of our funding programs and start trading, earn bonuses and profit-splits.


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