Successful trader interview: ANURAG JAISWAL

Tell us a bit about yourself, name, age, location, hobbies?

Hi, My name is Anurag Jaiswal, a 25year old Forex Trader residing in  Gujarat , India.
I am a university dropout where I studied Computer Science Engineering, and have been exposed to multiple businesses and careers .

At the age of 20 I started trading Forex when I was looking to get a career that I could be doing for my lifetime. Before joining forex, I had zero experience as to what markets are , really hahah. Since then my journey started , working and learning 24 hours a day actually , where I forgot to eat and sleep actually, and I repeated that for about 1 year, until I started making good money out of forex and supported my family and friends.

I also run a very awesome community where I share my Trading Ideas, The group is called ”Wolf Entry fx” and I am also a Partner at Worldwidefx(WWFX) , where we empower Talented  traders financing the fees for the challenges at various prop firm like Myforexfunds.

My Hobbies are , Singing , Dancing , Playing guitar, Computer Games, Swimming, Badminton,Collecting Credit cards, Sudoku, Meditation , Yoga and of course Trading (fulltime) lol.

What brought you to My Forex Funds?

I have been part of Myforexfunds since the beginning of the program , when there was a promotion for “No Monthly fees” for the rapid program, after I joined the program , the support what I received at MFF was unparalleled, I was treated as I was a part of the trading family, and Ben (head of Customer support) did help me a lot at every point in time when it was needed.

Which program did you take? Are you looking at taking another program with us?

I am currently with the Aggressive Evaluation Program at Myforexfunds, as I think this is the best one out there, where you prove your trading skills and get paid a generous 85% profit split to your favour , which has no restrictions on Copier , news trading , weekend holding etc. and you get paid to do a evaluation (2% for phase 1 and 4% for phase 2) and a 112% refund on the fees.

Currently I have 2x50k Aggressive Accounts which is equivalent to that of a 200k Standard evaluation account, I am definitely looking to buy another account .

Tell us a bit about your experience trading with us

Ultimately, I want to rate MFF as the #1 Online Proprietary Firm out there currently, considering a variety of Programs with game changer rules,Excellent customer Support (really down to earth people)etc

Tell us a bit about your trading style/strategy and which instruments you prefer

My strategy is a mixture of all the experiences of whatever I’ve learned over the last 5 years in my career , which consist of Advanced Price Action , My private custom made Trading system, Smart Money Concepts, Elliot Waves and much more.

As it comes to trading style , I am all rounder , I can scalp, Day trade and Swing and about the market/instruments , I can trade anything that has a chart. You can call me a Technical Analyst , who sometimes doesn’t even look at Economic News.

I always prefer to do a Multi-Timeframe Analysis from Monthly Time Frame , dropping to M5 refining my entries to get excellent Risk Reward ratios like (1:5,1:15 and even 1:40 ), while entering with the momentum in the markets usually during the London to NY session.

Do you have any advice for aspiring My Forex Funds traders?

Traders should understand this is a life changing opportunity , where they should be very serious on how you do things , firstly never gamble on these programs as it won’t help you psychologically.

My advice, take it slow if you have to , always keep your account balance above the deposit at all cost , so even if it takes time for you to reach the targets , you can get a free retry or Extension (obviously not breaking any rules most importantly Daily Loss, and Max Loss.

I can share a low risk Short term trading plan.
Risk 0.25% per trade and aim for minimum 1:4 per trade and achieve 3% (in first week)
In the second week , you can risk 0.50% and make another 5%. And you’re there.

We noticed you have another live account with us, are you planning to max out with the evaluation accounts or will you be using our other programs as well?

I am happy you asked that, My plan is to Max out on the evaluation program , trading a 600k account , and recently I got attracted to the accelerated program which is a direct funding program , where you can scale up to $2.2 million USD and have 3 accounts that puts a total of $6.6 Million USD(approximately), which is a life changing capital for me to get hands on.

I am very excited.

Any last words? Shout outs?
I would like to give a shoutout to my Mom Nimisha Jaiswal, who I can proudly say is the best mom in the universe, who has supported me through all the bad phases in my life,, guided me and even scolded me when I broke any Trading rules. It’s because of her, I am an educated person who gave all her life supporting my academics,and a lot more. Love you Mom.

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