Successful trader interview: THARINDU THARUK

Q-: Tell us a bit about yourself, name, age, location? 

❖ Thank You for having me Yavuz. Really appreciated. My name is Tharindu Tharuka. I am from Sri Lanka. I have been trading roughly since I was 21 years old. Currently I’m 24 years old. I was a school math teacher before I entered to full time trading. Now I’m a full-time funded trader. 

Q-: What are you doing when you are not focusing on trading career like your hobbies? 

❖ I’m playing guitar when I’m free. Learn some new guitar styles like flamenco and doing some extra outdoor activities like hiking. 

Q-: What brought you to My Forex Funds? 

❖ When we are trading for living, you know it requires more capital. Otherwise, you’re not going to make a full-time income on $500 account. And the MFF provides that opportunity for you as long as you could prove to yourself that you’ve been consistently profitable. MFF could be a great opportunity for people who don’t have enough capital for trading. 

❖ Also, MFF profit percentage is really great with comparing other firms. MFF provide huge benefits for profitable trades. That’s why I’m trading with MFF since last November 2020. 

Q-: Which program did you take? Are you looking at taking another program with us? 

❖ I’m currently doing three rapid accounts with My forex funds, which account sizes are 50K and 10K. Rapid program is great for beginner traders. You can earn while you learn in rapid mode. 

❖ Last month I got my live account for 10K rapid. 

❖ I hope to buy a brand-new evolution account in next month. 

Q-: Tell us a bit about your trading style/strategy and which instruments you prefer? 

❖ I’m a pure technical trader. I trade on naked charts. No indicators, no EAs. My trading strategy is quite unique, Because I trade only 5 forex pairs which EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY & USDJPY. Also, you know I’m from south Asian country, then I can trade when London open, London close and New York open. 

❖ Usually I focused on price action & smart money concept. My trading strategy based on above two concepts. Actually, when I’m trading, I’m looking for a nice ascending and descending channels. Channels are my favorite. 

❖ Also, I open every trade with a stop loss. Because risk management is very important in trading. Usually I trail my Stop loss When market is in a trend. 

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