Successful trader interview: Kalai Ram

Tell us a bit about yourself, name, age, location, hobbies?

Hi traders, I am Kalai Ram from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a fulltime financial instrument trader and involved in financial market fora decade with many challenges and learnings.

I have completed Doctorate in Oil and Gas Management and was attached with petrochemical industry prior to join the trading world. I took the challenge to gain some experience in this industry before became a fulltime trader that was totally paradigm shift for me.

My hobby is to read self-development books to keep myself motivated all the time and to travel around world. Unfortunately, due to this current pandemic I have held the idea of travelling. I’m looking forward to explore the world again soon.

What brought you to My Forex Funds?

I always explore on new opportunity in forex platform and prop trading is something that I always wanted to explore more. The big scaling plan which offered just stimulated me to join MFF program.

Which program did you take? Are you looking at taking another program with us?

So far, I took evaluation and accelerated program. These two programs gave me good experience since the scaling plan and trading management are different for both programs.

Tell us a bit about your experience trading with us.

So far I’m having a great experience with MFF, I’m really happy with the great customer service support for 24/7 to solve your issues regardless what issue. Another interesting part in MFF is the education video in YouTube which really helpful especially the explanation by Mr. Murtuza (founder of MFF) was very well articulated for traders to understand.

Tell us a bit about your trading style/strategy and which instruments you prefer.

I’m a pure scalper, my goal is to in and out fast from the market with good profit, so the adrenaline rush is different. I’m using Price action and candlesticks pattern to read my chart. My favorite instrument is Gold and Spot CFD (US30) since its high in volatility.

Earn as a professional trader

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