Successful trader interview: JIMMY

Tell us a bit about yourself, name, age, location, hobbies?

My name is Jimmy – I’m currently 22 years old, living in NY but I am constantly traveling around. My hobbies are mostly outdoors related. I love to climb, hike, fish, go to the gym, and to be honest, I play a lot of video games (League).

What brought you to My Forex Funds?

Prior to looking at My Forex Funds, I was actually with FTMO. Some of the rules that FTMO had, I didn’t exactly like. Some of them include no trades over the weekends, and no holding trades through news. My Forex Funds has higher payout, and attractive models such as accelerated for those who already know how to trade. My Forex Funds also has a lower cost value to the challenges compared to other prop firms, from my experience.

Which program did you take? Are you looking at taking another program with us?

I currently have a 50K accelerated, which I have scaled up and am currently on Phase 2 of 200K evaluations.

Tell us a bit about your experience trading with us

I haven’t had any bad experiences trading, including trading. Everything that you may have questions about regarding accounts and scaled up, are most likely answered in the FAQs in discord and or on the website. The commission and spreads are highly competitive with other prop firms as well, nothing to complain about here.

Tell us a bit about your trading style/strategy and which instruments you prefer

My trading style mostly is trading with confluences with higher time frames, structure, price action and the trend. One indicator that I really love is the ichimoku cloud. Ichimoku cloud has so many useful tools if you learn how to use it, but it is really complex if you’re new and trying to learn it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring My Forex Funds traders?

Please, please, please learn good risk management. Trading is a long term game – not short term. Everything is compounding and there’s no point in risking everything you have over one trade. Stay disciplined and trust your analysis.

Any last words? Shout outs?

Good luck to all the traders on their trading! I’d be happy to answer questions if you guys have any as I like to connect with other traders as well – discord; jimmy#1234

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