Successful trader interview: IRMA

Tell us a bit about yourself, name, age, location, hobbies?

Hello. My name is Irma.
I am originally from Lithuania, and now for the last 15 years I am living in Ireland.
My hobbies are hiking on weekends and, trading. Trading is my every day’s passion. I just love it!

What brought you to MyForexFunds?

I used to look at my husband how he’s trading with his account, and it just caught my eye.
I thought I can try to do it too.
I opened a demo account with some another company just to try and see if I can do it.
I had 10k account and in one month I made my account up to 20k. Decided to become a team member with MyForexFunds.

Which program did you take? Are you looking at taking another program with us?

I took the Rapid account. I choose this account because you can earn money much quicker then with other accounts.
I currently have 2 rapid accounts and 1 live account. My target is to have one more rapid account and 2 Evaluation accounts.

Tell us a bit about your experience trading with us.

I like to be a part of MyForexFunds team. Their support team are always willing to help you.
If you have any concerns, you can always email to support team and always you will get an answer quickly. So far, I have only positive experience with MyForexFunds.
Also, spreads are very good compared to other brokers/firms.

Tell us a bit about your trading style/strategy and which instruments you prefer.

I am not using any indicators. My style of trading is simple but at the same time is profitable – 9 out of 10 of the trades.
Before markets opens, I’m checking previously day price action and then deciding my entering and exit points.

Do you have any advice for aspiring MyForexfunds traders?

Patience, only patience. Don’t open too many positions because you need to have space for price movements.
Even if you have drawdown don’t give up, keep moving forward and learn from your mistakes.

What is the total/biggest payout you got from us?

I haven’t missed any pay out day so far. I would prefer to keep the amount to myself 😊

Any last words? Shout outs?

Good things always take time and patience, never give up on your dreams. Believe in what you ‘re doing.
I would like to thank my husband Justinas Mikuckis for always believing in me and helping me to find the right path.

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