It’s a My Forex Funds Pizza Party!!

For those long time MFF family members you will remember back in the day when we first launched our Evaluation program we offered free pizza to the folks waiting in our telegram whilst we experienced some website issues.
Since that day, its been memed, its been joked about, its been thrown in our staffs faces, but our love pizza and our family remains the same!

As our mothers possibly used to say, sometimes you just have to grab things by the tail and run with it.

So from July 23rd till August 13th we will be hosting a pizza party. Spread the love of both My Forex Funds and pizza and enter the draw to win a 50k Evaluation account.

How to Enter

  • Buy your favorite Pizza
  • Like and share our post on facebook announcing the Pizza Party.
  • Show us an image of your love for Pizza and MFF in your country, be adventurous!
  • Tag us on facebook and Instagram in your pizza photo (Video is also accepted).

How the winner is decided

Our support team will vote based on a short list of the most adventurous and interesting photos of our users enjoying their pizza. Extra points for; family, unusual toppings, taking MFF with you where you go and unusual places. We are a global family and would love to see your family enjoying themselves in your country or favorite places.

Who knows, maybe some familiar people will pop up on video eating pizza!

Be one of the first 100 to participate and email and get $10 on us!

Earn as a professional trader

Our Prop Firm has multiple programs to start your journey as a Forex Funded Trader. Choose one of our funding programs and start trading, earn bonuses and profit-splits.


(Some Knowledge)




(Trades full time for a living)

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