MyForexFunds New Evaluation account sizes – 5k and 300k

At MyForexFunds we pride ourselves on carefully analyzing what the funded trading account community is asking for and how it best fits in with our offering.

Today, we are proud to announce two new account sizes for FOREX funded trading accounts.

MyForexFunds is a global company with global ambition. Our funded traders come from all over the globe, are of all backgrounds and all skill-sets. Sometimes a trader is just looking for a little bit of extra capital at an affordable price whilst others are looking for larger accounts – also at an affordable price.

Our $5000 evaluation funded trading accounts are priced to fit anyone that is looking to enter into the professional FOREX trading community. Use it as a trial, a leg up or as your main account, the choice is yours. Use your profits from your $5000 live funded account to purchase additional accounts and further boost your capital!

The new $300,000 funded trading accounts will be limited until the end of June 2022 only pending this initial trial and the risk profile of the traders who are purchasing them. By providing a $300,000 account users who are attempting to reach MyForexFunds’ max funding will be able to do so with two accounts rather than three in their evaluation period. Making it more convenient and effortless than ever to reach your funded trading account goals.

We are super excited to be releasing these accounts to the public and look forward to watching our traders take their trading to the next level.

MyForexFunds continues to strive to become the worlds number one FX prop trading firm.

Good luck with your trading.

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