MyForexFunds February Statistics

That’s right, they’re back.

It’s been a while since we posted some statistics other than the payouts we post on social media. 

Over the past few months, we have been actively engaged in developing upcoming technology and preparing to make some groundbreaking announcements this month. This period has been characterized by a significant level of activity and intensity.

But for now, let’s focus on the hard data.

  • Our most popular funded program is the evaluation, then accelerated, and then the Rapid program
  • On our conventional accelerated accounts, 8.76% scaled up in February
  • On our emphatic accelerated accounts, 15.04% scaled up in February
  • Our most popular evaluation account size is the $10,000 evaluation
  • Our least popular evaluation account size is the $200,000 evaluation
  • In February the number of people who hit the upgrade button increased by 12.5% month over month

Evaluation Account statistics

  • We currently have 37000 ACTIVE live funded accounts from evaluations
  • The split between MT4 and MT5 is 61/39
  • We paid out over $14,000,000 in February
  • The pass rate for phase 1 across all evaluations was 19.05%
  • The pass rate for phase 2 across all evaluations was 42.18%
  • Of those that passed and reached a live account but failed their account before the first payout, the majority had at least 1 trade in US30
  • The most profitable pair for February was EUR/USD
  • The least profitable pair for February was US30
  • The second least profitable pair for February was NAS100
  • The third least profitable pair was GER30
  • The majority of payouts over $20,000 traded only FOREX and Metals
  • MFF averaged a notional volume during February of ~26,500,000,000 per day.

Important user traits

This is not advice so much as observations that could assist you in being a more profitable trader in the long run. Use it to your advantage.

  • Gold traders tend to make more profits when the market is slower but not dead, Asia/Europe cross over is the most profitable period
  • FOREX traders make more profit when they hold trades for longer than 6 hours
  • There is no long-term profitable trader in the MFF database that trades news announcements. 
  • Most users who see success on one news announcement, lose their account on the second one.
  • More users trading CFD’s are all-in with their daily equity/balance rules than not. With a ratio of 9:1
  • The traders with the highest payouts have the least trades on average
  • Of the traders who have been paid over $20,000 during February, only 20% of them didn’t have a stop loss
  • Of that 20%, 95% of them closed loss trades quickly
  • Of the 80% who had stop losses, 99% of them have trades closed in loss before their stop loss was hit in their statement
  • Users who trade exclusively GBP/JPY tend to give back their profits to the market within 5 trades
  • The more exotic the pair, the more likely the trader is to lose
  • Traders still open trades during rollover………………………………………….

Hopefully, this information assists you in your decision-making when approaching your choice of My Forex Funds program.

Stay tuned to our blogs this month and make sure to follow our social media for some exciting announcements!

Happy trading!

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