MyForexFunds February statistics are here!

It has been a very hectic few months at MyForexFunds so we haven’t been able to get the stats blogs out and with the change of our old system to the new a lot of the data was inaccurate, we did try to compile them, but the numbers were too off to publish.

Now that the majority of accounts are operating on the new trading server, we are happy to bring present to you the statistics for February 2022, but lets’ keep it brief:

We have started posting some stats on Instagram and facebook every week, including our weekly stats for payouts and Tuesdays’ best trader, best symbol, worst symbol stats. Be sure to give us a follow on Instagram to stay up to date on those stats. We will likely change our stats blog to weekly as our new reporting system is updated and we can produce the numbers clearly for the public to digest.

It is important to note that with our largest month for payouts came our largest profit for the company. We are thriving with our customers’ and we are starting to expand. We will have more information out shortly on our expansion plans.

Happy trading!

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