MFF vs Traders – The Greatest Trading Challenge


Looking for a way to skip phase 2 on your evaluation? How about a refund before you reach your first profit split period? Then show your worth against the rest with the greatest FOREX funded prop trading challenge!

The MFF vs Traders challenge is a trading competition like no other where you will be rewarded with the ability to skip your phase 2 and get refunded straight away on your evaluation. But first, you must prove yourself against a member of the MFF team as well as your peers!


Simply purchase an evaluation and submit the form below. You will be contacted by our staff to confirm your admission into this round of the competition. If you miss out, never fear, we are doing this every fortnight.

Every round will last 2 weeks with a daily leaderboard presented in our blog as well as on discord.

At the end of two weeks (10 trading days) the winner of the leaderboard (if they pass) will be rewarded with the ability to skip phase 2 and get an immediate refund on their evaluation fees. Of course, you still must beat the MFF staff member as well to win!


For fairness there are some rules to assure that a traders’ talent is being measured in this competition and to remove as much ‘luck’ from the equation as possible. Those rules are:

1) Max lots open at any time – Forex and metals 10, CFD’s 50

2) All trades must have a stop loss

3) No EA’s (including trade copiers), human trading talent only.

4) No weekend holding

5) MFF staff must record themselves taking every trade

6) Record yourself in the challenge and put it on youtube to enter the hall of fame and potentially earn a bonus!

If you break these rules, you will not lose your evaluation account, you just forfeit participation in the trading challenge.

So, do you have what it takes?

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