Meet the MyForexFunds Staff – Zaviar Ahmed, Billing Director

1. Can you introduce yourself? (Age, location, hobbies)

Zaviar Ahmed, here. I’m 22 and a huge football fan. A Manchester United supporter inside out, so most of my weekends usually pass by shouting at the television from my couch (lol). 

2. How long have you been working at MFF? What were you doing before?
I am one of the earliest members at MFF and it’s surreal to think that it has been 2 years of continuous growth of our baby turning into the Best Prop Firm in the industry. Before joining MFF, I was pursuing a career in Corporate Finance. 

3. In which team are you working at MFF? What is your position?
I am responsible for overseeing the Billing Department. My team and I ensure that all billing-related tasks are completed on time and accurately and our traders get the most comfortable and swift payout experience.

4. What interests you about working at MFF?
Since our company is continuously growing, I absolutely love the fast-paced environment here at MFF – you get an issue, you resolve it, and beat “The Flash” to it. Not only this but the learning opportunities that MFF has presented me and the team have been countless. I believe that these opportunities made me better at what I do and helped me grow as a human being, as well.

5. How is your typical day here?
A typical day at MFF for me starts off with daily check-ins with all the teams to see if there are any urgent issues our customers might be facing and first resolve them. Additionally, I make sure that the customers are receiving their payouts on time while resolving any potential issues that might arise on that front. From managing vendor payments to running the company payroll, number crunching is a big part of my day. To end the day, I fill my schedule with current and potential vendor meetings aimed at making our internal processes swift and smooth.

6. Can you share your best experience at MFF?
This may sound like a cliché – but the experience I have every day tops off the experience that I had the previous day and it’s like a never-ending cycle. Every day, I get to interact with traders who have been with us from the start and the experience of that interaction completely fills me. Not only this, but when I see the passion of our new traders, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. Each day, we get numerous chances to put a smile on our customers’ faces and whenever we do that, it just gets better and better. 

7. Do you remember your busiest day at MFF?
The busiest day at MFF would most definitely be the launch of our Evaluation Program. Right after the launch, the immense web traffic and number of orders had taken us by storm and, since we had a small team back then, everyone was tasked with handling the live chat as well as provisioning accounts against the orders. I remember I was shuffling between the live chat as well as account provisioning and when the website went down due to excessive traffic, helped to get it back up as well. It was one of the most backbreaking and strenuous days that I ever had, where I couldn’t even spare a minute to eat something, so I had to go crazy on power bars.

8. How do you find working as a part of a team here?
Honestly, it’s amazing to be part of an ever-growing family which is spread across the globe. The environment that we have tried to build here really pulls you in and makes you feel at home with your family. We are constantly inspired by each other and I’m thankful I get to work with people considered more than colleagues.

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