Meet the MyForexFunds Staff – Murtuza Kazmi CEO

Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Murtuza Kazmi, aged 37, and I live in Toronto Canada. In my spare time I like spending time with my kids and wife. I also try to watch Netflix (The Office is one of my favorite shows). I also enjoy playing sports (American football, Badminton and Cricket).

How long have you been working at MFF? What were you doing before?

I am the creator of our FX Trading prop firm. We did a 6 month pilot program before going live to public in July of 2020. Before starting MFF I was working in technology and IT risk and compliance.

In which team are you working at MFF?/What is your position?

I work with group of great leaders in MFF to guide and steer our funded trader programs success. I am the Chairman and CEO.

What interests you about working at MFF?

I started MyForexFunds to be an FX Prop Trading Firm with a personal touch without all the hidden rules. Till today we push to make sure that our staff are present with our funded traders and we all find success together. Seeing the success of traders and staff within the company inspires me to keep pushing forward.

What is your typical workday like?

In the beginning of the company, I was involved in all aspects of the business from trading to support and back-office operations. Nowadays I deal more with the company financials and corporate element to the business. My day can range from meetings with vendors to banking and onto IT acquisitions. I generally always find time to spend with family throughout at the day. Being a global business means no day is the same.

Can you share your best experience at MFF?

Since the beginning of our evaluation funded trader program, I have been getting messages from some of our early starters when I was more directly accessible. Almost every time they get paid,they send me a message to thank me and talk about their success. Any day that this happens is what I would consider a best experience. Hearing how MFF has changed peoples lives or assisted in career progression is always inspirational.

Do you remember your hardest day at MyForexFunds?

Yes, early on when we used to have trade server and website outages. There was one instance where I didn’t sleep or eat for like 20 hours straight. My wife thought I was a zombie when it all finished. The team was small back then and everyone was wearing different hats – however we were always there for each other and helped in any way possible. Now that the team has grown to 250+ members, we are still always here for each other to ensure our traders and our community is served well. All these growing pains that have occurred at times are when we experience an explosion of new traders joining our ranks. Although we hope we get that explosion of new traders again we certainly hope the pain doesn’t come with it.

Whats it like working with the team at MyForexFunds?

It’s rewarding and enlightening. Since we have so many members of our team from different countries and cultures, you get to learn something new all the time. We make a point of hiring across all geographies to ensure that our image fits our traders image. We have thousands of traders from all over the globe of all different backgrounds and so our team represents our funded traders and aspiring funded traders. When we get new traders from new regions’ we make a point to hire more staff to cover them in their own language and culture. 

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