Meet the MyForexFunds Staff – Connor McCourt Customer Support Lead

1. Can you introduce yourself? (Age, location, hobbies)

My name is Connor McCourt and I’m 29 years old. I live in Scotland and my main hobby is football. I am also a big fan of Celtic Football Club and I go to the stadium to support and watch them play as much as possible. I am a father of two kids and husband of a lovely wife so my life pretty much consists of family days out and adventures.

2. How long have you been working at MFF? What were you doing before?

I started working at MFF back in May 2021, so I am around for about 16 months. 16 months full of vivid memories, facing various challenges along the way, sometimes easy and sometimes demanding, as every job in this world has. But i always had my awesome team by my side, ready to help me accomplish every challenge i came across. Prior to working at MFF, I was working in an oil company and trading.

3. In which team are you working at MFF?/What is your position?

I work as the Customer Support Lead. Our aim is to make sure that our funded Traders are taken care of. We try to provide our customers all the information they need to prevent any future problems. You will find us available 24/7 to help you troubleshoot problems, answer questions, and resolve any issues you might face.

4. What interests you about working at MFF?

I love trading and I have been a trader myself for around 8 years. MyForexFunds was known to me before I start working here. With that being said, having the opportunity to work in a company that gives Traders all over the world the chance to achieve their goals through Funded Accounts was special to me. I’m really glad I made that choice.

5. How is your typical day here?

I would describe a typical day in work as a busy day (laughs). It usually starts with reading new emails. My main duties are working on cases which have been escalated to me from the team, assisting and helping the support team, and managing the workload between chats/emails. Within the day, I pop into our discord channel to say hello and keep in touch with the regulars. By that time, my mailbox is full again with new emails to deal with. After this, i remain available to assist the team wherever needed after my official shift time has finished.

6. Can you share your best experience at MFF?

My best experience is being the manager of this great team. And I am lucky this experience is continuous. I always try my best to motivate and help all the team members. By doing the extra mile, we keep our Traders happy, and that’s what is all about in the end.

7. Do you remember your busiest day at MFF?

Yes (with an emphatic voice)!! I don’t think any colleague who worked here that day will ever forget it. A competitor ceased trading and I think the full customer base came to our discord and live chat at the same time. Our queue was in the hundreds for the full day. Our discord channel was the busiest it had ever been and I think it ended up being a 14 or 15 hour working day. It was definetely a challenging day at work, but after all, we were delighted that our Traders Family has grown.

8. How do you find working as a part of a team here?

As you would already realize by now, I really enjoy working at MyForexFunds. Everyone is like one big family and we all get on very well. I have made really good friends with some of my colleagues! Being in a healthy work environment is essential for me and I’m glad that MyForexFunds and I share the same value.

9. What is your favorite funded trader story?

There is one of our customers I speak to regularly in discord and following his journey from failing lots of challenges to eventually getting multiple 5-figure payouts is really amazing to see. What an inspiration he is. I’m very proud of him and the fact that he never quit his dream. These stories are our greatest proof that we truly and sincerely care about our Traders’ growth and their Success is our Business!

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