Launching an automated KYC verification process

At My Forex Funds we constantly work on improving our products and services, security in fx live accounts and the funded trader experience. To ensure that we create a safe environment for everyone, we have updated our KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process to an automated method. In that way, we create a smooth and fast onboarding while making our clients verified traders.
In automated KYC verification, all KYC processes are aligned and run automatically using advanced AI and machine learning technologies. That gives the below benefits to our funded traders:

  • Increased Efficiency – the overall process is being sped up with automated solutions running 24/7 with no down-time.
  • Improved funded trader Experience – Automated KYC provides funded traders with a frictionless experience by eliminating the frequent back-and-forth between traders and MFF when new information is required. With the new automated process, customers are given an easy and fast identification experience that results in quicker fx live account opening.
  • Verified trader’s information protection – All personal information is completely protected. It can’t be used for purposes other than customer authentication
We strongly believe that this new feature will reduce the overall complexity and make the KYC (know your customer) an even smoother and more secure process, enhancing the funded trader’s experience.

Earn as a professional trader

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