Important Notice Regarding Crypto Transactions

As part of our continuous efforts to provide our traders with the best possible trading experience, we recently updated our crypto payment processor to strengthen its effectiveness and reduce its volatility.

Consequently, we have experienced a significant increase in interest from users who prefer to work with us using crypto. This has resulted in a record-breaking number of incoming crypto transactions from users who are keen to participate in our programs.

Unfortunately, this has also increased the number of users sending crypto transactions to the wrong network. 

Please note that if you send your crypto to the wrong network, there is not much MyForexFunds can do about it. Crypto transactions are the responsibility of the user.

Our vendor company offers a crypto recovery service for mistaken transactions, which comes with a 10% fee if the crypto can be retrieved. However, there are instances when recovery is not feasible. While we can help you recover your crypto through this service, please note that you must pay the fee directly to the provider (the fee is not remitted to us). Alternatively, you can contact your personal crypto provider and see if they can recover it.

Ultimately, be cautious when you are purchasing with crypto, double check the details are always correct as well as the network before you transact.

If something happens with your crypto transaction, the above two options are the only ones available.

Happy trading!

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