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Will I be trading a demo or real account?

All of our traders start on a demo (simulated) account trading in live markets and while earning real profits.
Every month we will add your profits from your demo account to your live account up to a maximum of 3.5% of the initial account balance.
Once your live account reaches 10% of the initial account balance of the demo account, then you will receive your live account.
For example: If you have a 100K account and you make a profit of $5,000 then we will add $3,500 to your live account.
Once your live account reaches 10% of your initial account balance, you will receive your live account.
So if you continue making a profit of $3,500+ per month, on the 3rd month your live account will have $10,500. This is when you will gain access to your live account.

What are the differences between all of the accounts?
Rapid: In the Rapid program, you will be starting with a demo account where you will be paid 12% of all profits and the payment...
What platforms do you offer?
Trading platforms we offer are MT4 and MT5. We plan on offering cTrader in the future but currently don’t have solid confirmation on approximately when.
How do I increase my account size?
You can increase your account size by reaching the profit target. This is called scaling up. The profit target for Conventional is 10%. The profit...
Is there any start up cost to join My Forex Funds?
Yes! You have to pay a nominal fee to register and obtain your account details. These fees are used as operating costs and ensures we...
What is the profit target?
The profit target for Phase 1 is 8%. The profit target for Phase 2 is 5%. For Phase 3 (Live account), there is no profit...
At what time does each instrument/pair close on our server?
Rapid Our trading server closes at 4:55 PM EST on Friday. In case you do not plan to hold trades over the weekend, make sure...