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Will I be trading a demo or real account?

All of our traders start on a demo (simulated) account trading in live markets and while earning real profits.
Every month we will add your profits from your demo account to your live account up to a maximum of 3.5% of the initial account balance.
Once your live account reaches 10% of the initial account balance of the demo account, then you will receive your live account.
For example: If you have a 100K account and you make a profit of $5,000 then we will add $3,500 to your live account.
Once your live account reaches 10% of your initial account balance, you will receive your live account.
So if you continue making a profit of $3,500+ per month, on the 3rd month your live account will have $10,500. This is when you will gain access to your live account.

What is the difference between a refresh and a reset?
To refresh the account means to bring the account back to initial balance but in order to qualify for a refresh, your account must not...
How long does it take to process my order?
It will take just a few moments for us to provision and send your trading account credentials via email.
Is there any start up cost to join My Forex Funds?
Yes! You have to pay a nominal fee to register and obtain your account details. These fees are used as operating costs and ensures we...
How is consistency calculated?
A safe way to increase or decrease your risk parameters is to keep within +/- 200% of your average or deviation by a factor of...
Can I trade Cryptocurrency on the weekends?
We allow trading Cryptocurrency during the weekdays only. All instruments on our server are disabled for trading on the weekends, that includes Cryptocurrency.
When will I receive my bonus payouts?
After you complete Phase 2, you will be paid 2% of the profit target in Phase 1. When you receive your Live account (Phase 3),...