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Which countries are not allowed to join MFF?

We accept and allow all traders from around to world to open an account with us except for traders from the following countries:
x Afghanistan
x Belarus
x Central African Republic
xCongo (Brazzaville)
x Congo (Kinshasa)
x Cuba
x Eritrea
x Iran
x Iraq
x Libya
× Myanmar
x North Korea
x Palestinian Territory
x Russia
x Syria
x South Sudan
× Sudan
x Yemen

What happens if a violation has been detected on my account?
Unfortunately, if a violation has been detected on your account, that account will be suspended and will not qualify for any future payouts. However, you...
What is the difference between a refresh and a reset?
To refresh the account means to bring the account back to initial balance but in order to qualify for a refresh, your account must not...
What platforms do you offer?
Trading platforms we offer are MT4 and MT5. We plan on offering cTrader in the future but currently don’t have solid confirmation on approximately when.
Do you offer Swap-Free accounts?
Yes. Swap Free accounts are available however only for live accounts, we will not be providing swap free accounts for demo accounts since swap is...
Do I need to wait the full 30 trading days?
No, you don’t need to wait for the entire duration of the evaluation phase. Once you reach the profit target and have completed a minimum...
Can I use Expert Advisors (EAs)?
For Rapid and Evaluation accounts: You can use EAs as long as they are not used in the following ways: – account management services –...