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What should I do if my credit card payment is being declined?

Most credit card companies initially block our online purchases. You will have to call your credit card company and request them to allow purchases to MyForexFunds.
Many of our traders found success by asking their bank/credit card company to authorize transactions to MyForexFunds.

What is the difference between Evaluation and Rapid program?
In the Evaluation program, you will undergo 2 testing phases – Phase 1 and 2. To complete the phases, you will need to reach the...
Does the Accelerated program have a daily drawdown rule?
There are no daily drawdown limits, however there is an overall drawdown limit.
Where can I download the Traders Global Group MT4?
You will be given the download link for the MT4 via email together with your credentials.
What is forex
The Forex or foreign exchange is where the exchange of foreign currencies takes place for reasons such as trade, commerce and tourism, etc. It is...
What is considered a trading day?
A trading day is only counted when you open a trade on that day. For example: If you open a trade at the 23:59 (server...
How are partials calculated?
Partial trade closures are counted as separate trades in your trading history. If you have a Consistency Enabled Account, be sure to include partial trade...