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What is the profit split on Evaluation live accounts?

When you receive your Live account, you will receive 75% of your profits on your first month.
On the 2nd month, you will receive 80% of your profits.
Every month after, you will receive 85% of your profits.

Live Month 1 = 75%
Live Month 2 = 80%
Live Month 3+ = 85%

How much will I receive when I refer someone to MFF?
When a referral purchase an Evaluation or Rapid account through your affiliate link: You will receive 5% of the purchase made. In case you have...
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments by credit/debit card and cryptocurrency. If you wish to pay with crypto, we accept BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC and USDT. You can...
How do I remove items from my cart?
Go to the home page and click on the cart on the top right. There you can click the delete (x) button.
Is there a time limit?
No. There is no time limit. You can trade at your own pace and earn at your own pace. We will not push you to...
Can I trade Cryptocurrency on the weekends?
We allow trading Cryptocurrency during the weekdays only. All instruments on our server are disabled for trading on the weekends, that includes Cryptocurrency.
How can l receive a payout?
You can receive your 50% profit share every 5 days no matter how much you make. Your first payout is 5 days from the day...