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What is the profit split on Evaluation live accounts?

When you receive your Live account, you will receive 75% of your profits on your first month.
On the 2nd month, you will receive 80% of your profits.
Every month after, you will receive 85% of your profits.

Live Month 1 = 75%
Live Month 2 = 80%
Live Month 3+ = 85%

Can I get a free retry?
You can request a free retry from your Dashboard, however the ‘Free Reset’ button will ONLY appear if your account meets ALL of the following...
Can I trade Cryptocurrency on the weekends?
We allow trading Cryptocurrency during the weekdays only. All instruments on our server are disabled for trading on the weekends, that includes Cryptocurrency.
How do I remove items from my cart?
Go to the home page and click on the cart on the top right. There you can click the delete (x) button.
How much would my account increase when I reach the profit target?
When you reach the profit target: On Phase 1, your account size will increase by 2x. On Phase 2, your account size will increase by...
When does my evaluation start?
Your evaluation will start on the day you make your first trade. If you wish to start 30 days after the purchase, you must inform...
How much will I receive when I refer someone to MFF?
When your referrals purchase an Evaluation or Rapid account, you will receive 5% on every order your referral has made. No affiliate bonus will be...