If you want to learn more about our program rules please click on the relevant page rules below.

What is the leverage?

Leverage for our Evaluation program on all account sizes is 1:100.
Leverage for our Rapid program on all account sizes is 1:500.
Conventional Accelerated: 1:50
Emphatic Accelerated: 1:100
However, for Cryptocurrency, it is 1:5 for all programs.

How many live accounts can I have from Accelerated model?
We allow a maximum of 3 Accelerated accounts per member.
How do I receive a Swap-Free account?
If your religious beliefs require you to trade swap-free, please let us know and we will arrange an account for you. We aren’t going to...
What is considered a trading day?
A trading day is only counted when you open a trade on that day. For example: If you open a trade at the 23:59 (server...
When will I receive my payouts from the Live account?
When you receive your live account, you must complete a minimum of 10 trading days then you will receive your first payout 1 month after...
How is consistency calculated?
A safe way to increase or decrease your risk parameters is to keep within +/- 200% of your average or deviation by a factor of...
I just got my trading account details? What now?
Ensure that you have read and understood the rules for the program before placing your first trade. Once you go through them, you may log...