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What is considered a trading day?

A trading day is only counted when you open a trade on that day.

For example:

If you open a trade at the 23:59 (server time) on Monday and close that trade on Tuesday, then it counts only as one single trading day for the Monday.

What are the two ways to earn? (EE & FE)
Traders in our program have the potential to start earning from day one. These are refer to as Expertise Earnings (EE). Once you receive/earn 10%...
Can I trade during high impact news events?
Yes, you can trade during news events.
Why join My Forex Funds?
Our program enables traders to trade without risking their own capital. Traders are rewarded for the profits they make on simulated accounts (that is how...
How much would my account increase when I reach the profit target?
When you reach the profit target: On Phase 1, your account size will increase by 2x. On Phase 2, your account size will increase by...
Can I use a trade copier EA?
Yes. You are allowed to use a trade copier as long as you are copying your own trades from your own accounts. It is NOT...
How often should I trade? When should I trade?
Traders in our program can trade as often and when they want. We do not have any limits on the number of trades or restrictions...