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What is assured funding?

Assured funding refers to the maximum account size of that account (when you reach the last Phase).
To receive the maximum account size, you must scale up your account.

When will I receive my bonus payouts?
After you complete Phase 2, you will be paid 2% of the profit target in Phase 1. When you receive your Live account (Phase 3),...
I reached the profit target, now what?
Congratulations on reaching the profit target! You may now scale up your account by hitting the “upgrade” button on your account analyzer.
What is KYC?
KYC stands for Know Your Client. KYC is a mandatory process for verifying your identity. It’s a regulation that we have to abide by for...
How long does it take to process my order?
It will take just a few moments for us to provision and send your trading account credentials via email.
Is there a refund for the account purchase fee?
Yes. You will receive 112% refund with your first payout on the live account.
Will I be trading a demo or real account?
All of our traders start on a demo (simulated) account trading in live markets and while earning real profits. Every month we will add your...