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What is a forex trader

Any market participant (e.g. Banks or individuals) who carries out exchange of foreign currencies for profit is a forex trader.

How is the overall drawdown calculated?
The overall drawdown is 12% of the initial account balance. For example: If you have a $100,000 account, then 12% of that is $12,000. Even...
How to begin forex trading
If you’re new to forex trading, the first step is to educate yourself on the basics of the market. This includes understanding how currencies are...
Can I trade Cryptocurrency on the weekends?
We allow trading Cryptocurrency during the weekdays only. All instruments on our server are disabled for trading on the weekends, that includes Cryptocurrency.
How much is the commission?
The commission is $3 per lot on our server, Traders Global Group.
Can I get a free retry?
You can request a free retry from your Dashboard, however the ‘Free Reset’ button will ONLY appear if your account meets ALL of the following...
What are the available instruments I can trade?
Please click the link below for the available instruments and its respective specifications for our server. List of Instruments and Contract specifications