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What do I have to do to merge my accounts?

You can only merge your Evaluation accounts if they meet the following criteria:
– Must be Live accounts
– The accounts must not have been merged before.
– The accounts must not have been traded OR have already received the first payout on both accounts.
– The accounts must be at the initial balance.
Total amount must not exceed $300,000. However, we allow a total allocation of $600,000. (For example: You can have 2x 300k to have the maximum allocation of 600k)

– During evaluation phase, accounts cannot be merged and must be traded separately.
– Accounts can only be merged ONCE.

To merge your Live accounts, please send an email to account@myforexfunds.com with the Live account numbers that you wish to merge.

How to learn forex trading
Learning forex trading can seem overwhelming at first, but there are many resources available to help you get started. Some popular options include online courses,...
Is there a refund for the account purchase fee?
Yes. You will receive 112% refund with your first payout on the live account.
Is there a limit on the number of times you can pause your account?
You can pause your account once per each phase, which will be catered if you have a genuine and relevant reason to pause your account....
What is considered a trading day?
A trading day is only counted when you open a trade on that day. For example: If you open a trade at the 23:59 (server...
Are there any challenges? Exams?
No – there are no challenges, or verification or “prove yourself” time periods. We understand your time is money, and one must not waste it...
What is a forex trader
Any market participant (e.g. Banks or individuals) who carries out exchange of foreign currencies for profit is a forex trader.