If you want to learn more about our program rules please click on the relevant page rules below.

What broker/server do your accounts use?

We use our own server, Traders Global Group for all of our accounts; both Demo and Live accounts.

Do you offer Swap-Free accounts?
Yes. Swap Free accounts are available however only for live accounts, we will not be providing swap free accounts for demo accounts since swap is...
What are the differences between all of the accounts?
Rapid: In the Rapid program, you will be starting with a demo account where you will be paid 12% of all profits and the payment...
What is the difference between a refresh and a reset?
To refresh the account means to bring the account back to initial balance but in order to qualify for a refresh, your account must not...
How many accounts can I have?
We allow you to join more than one program at the same time. For Rapid Accounts: You can have as many Rapid accounts as you...
How long does it take to process my order?
It will take just a few moments for us to provision and send your trading account credentials via email.
Is there an option to merge my Accelerated accounts?
Unfortunately, we do not merge accounts in the Accelerated program.