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What are the two ways to earn? (EE & FE)

Traders in our program have the potential to start earning from day one. These are refer to as Expertise Earnings (EE). Once you receive/earn 10% of your original account size, you will be given a live account to trade, from which you can earn Funded Earnings (FE). You can trade both accounts simultaneously as well!

What documents can I send to verify my proof of address?
To provide your proof of address, you can send any official document that provides your name and home address such as the following: – Bank...
Where is your server located?
Our server, Traders Global Group is located in London, United Kingdom.
Can I trade during high impact news events?
Yes, you can trade during news events.
I passed Phase 2, now what?
Congratulations on passing Phase 2 of your Evaluation! Please make sure you have no remaining open or running trades, completed the minimum requirement of 5...
What are the payout/withdrawal options?
You can request your payout via: 1. Cryptocurrency If you wish to receive your payout in Cryptocurrency, then you can receive BTC, LTC, ETH and...
Do I need to wait the full 30 trading days?
No, you don’t need to wait for the entire duration of the evaluation phase. Once you reach the profit target and have completed a minimum...