Consistency Enabled Accounts: – The number of trades you take and lot sizes have to be consistent on a weekly basis. – You can be paid every 2 weeks (bi-weekly). No Consistency Accounts: – No restrictions on number of trades and lot sizes. – You can be paid every 4 weeks (NOT monthly). If you keep track of your risk management and you maintain it very well then CEA is perfectly fine for you. But if you trade sporadically then safest bet is to go with NCA. A safe way to increase or decrease your risk parameters is to keep within +/- 200% of your average or deviation by a factor of 2. Two main KPI we use here are trades and lot size. Each week, we will take an average of mentioned KPIs and place a ceiling (avg x 2) and floor (avg / 2) for the trades. Any trades outside these parameters will raise a flag on an account and be a possible violation.