If you want to learn more about our program rules please click on the relevant page rules below.

Is there a consistency rule?

There is no consistency rule in this program. In other words we don’t restrict lot sizes. You can trade any lot size and place as many trades as you wish.
However, we do have a maximum lot size per trade but you are allowed to open multiple positions at the same time.
The limit per position is as follows:
– 50 lots for forex
– 50 lots for metals
– 100 lots for indices
– 100 lots for cryptocurrency
We don’t restrict your trading. However, Please remember consistency and risk management is the key to being a profitable trader.

How many live accounts can I have from Accelerated model?
We allow a maximum of 3 Accelerated accounts per member.
How do I remove items from my cart?
Go to the home page and click on the cart on the top right. There you can click the delete (x) button.
When will I receive my Live account?
You will fund your Live account from the profits you make on your Demo account. So when you make a profit on your Demo account,...
How long do I have to complete my evaluation?
You will have 30 Calendar days to complete Phase 1 and you will have 60 Calendar days to complete Phase 2.
Can I get a free retry?
You can request a free retry from your Dashboard, however the ‘Free Reset’ button will ONLY appear if your account meets ALL of the following...
Is there an option to merge my Accelerated accounts?
Unfortunately, we do not merge accounts in the Accelerated program.