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Is MFF legit? Do they really payout their traders?

To find proof of payouts, you can check out our #payout-proof channel on our Discord server.
Or you can visit our Instagram page below:
and click “Payouts”.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, however you must have an account with us first before you may become an affiliate. Your affiliate link can be found on the members...
What should I do if my credit card payment is being declined?
Most credit card companies initially block our online purchases. You will have to call your credit card company and request them to allow purchases to...
How to learn forex trading
Learning forex trading can seem overwhelming at first, but there are many resources available to help you get started. Some popular options include online courses,...
How can I bring my account back to initial balance?
You can pay to refresh the account. Please keep in mind that your account must not have any violations to qualify for a refresh. Just...
What is KYC?
KYC stands for Know Your Client. KYC is a mandatory process for verifying your identity. It’s a regulation that we have to abide by for...
Does the Accelerated program have a daily drawdown rule?
There are no daily drawdown limits, however there is an overall drawdown limit.