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How often will I get paid?

On Consistency Enabled Accounts (CEA), you will receive payments bi-weekly (every 2 weeks).
On Non-Consistency Accounts (NCA), you will receive payments every 4 weeks (NOT monthly).

Does the Accelerated program have a daily drawdown rule?
There are no daily drawdown limits, however there is an overall drawdown limit.
How often should I trade? When should I trade?
Traders in our program can trade as often and when they want. We do not have any limits on the number of trades or restrictions...
Can I hold trades over the weekend?
Holding trades over the weekend is allowed on our Evaluation and Rapid accounts. However, if you are trading with an Accelerated account, you won’t be...
What documents can I send to verify my identity?
To provide your proof of identity, you can send any official government-issued identification that includes a photo of you, such as the following: – Driver’s...
Where is your server located?
Our server, Traders Global Group is located in London, United Kingdom.
What is a forex trader
Any market participant (e.g. Banks or individuals) who carries out exchange of foreign currencies for profit is a forex trader.