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How many evaluation live accounts can I have at the same time?

You can have as many Evaluation accounts as you wish up to a maximum of $600,000. However, you can only merge accounts up to $300,000 ONLY if they are live accounts. During the evaluation phase, accounts cannot be merged and must be traded separately.
For example, you can have:
– 2x 200k accounts + 2x 100k account
– 6x 100k accounts
– 3x 200k accounts
– 2x 300k accounts
However, the total allocation of $600,000 is combined with your Rapid accounts (if you have any).
For example, you can have:
– 2x 100k Rapid + 2x 400k Evaluation
– 3x 100k Rapid + 300k Evaluation
The maximum account size you can purchase is $300,000.
The maximum account size you can merge up to is $300,000.
The total allocation we allow per member is $600,000.
Scaling up is unlimited.

Can I open an account under my company name?
Yes, however, you will need to provide additional documents such as the following: – Articles of incorporation – Directors proof of address – Photo ID...
How much is the commission?
The commission is $3 per lot on our server, Traders Global Group.
When will I receive my payouts from the Live account?
When you receive your live account, you must complete a minimum of 10 trading days then you will receive your first payout 1 month after...
Do I need to wait the full 30 trading days?
No, you don’t need to wait for the entire duration of the evaluation phase. Once you reach the profit target and have completed a minimum...
Can I use someone else's card to make the transaction/purchase?
Yes, you may use the Debit/Credit card on someone else’s name to make the purchase.
When will I receive my Live account?
You will fund your Live account from the profits you make on your Demo account. So when you make a profit on your Demo account,...