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How many accounts can I have?

We allow you to join more than one program at the same time.
For Rapid Accounts:
You can have as many Rapid accounts as you wish up to a maximum of $100,000 per account and a maximum of $300,000 per member.
For example, you can have:
– 3x 100k
– 2x 100k + 2x 50k
For Evaluation Accounts:
You can have as many Evaluation accounts as you wish up to a maximum of $600,000. However, you can only merge accounts up to $300,000 ONLY if they are live accounts. During the evaluation phase, accounts cannot be merged and must be traded separately.
For example, you can have:
– 2x 200k accounts + 2x 100k account
– 6x 100k accounts
– 3x 200k accounts
– 2x 300k accounts
However, the total allocation of $600,000 is combined with your Rapid accounts (if you have any).
For example, you can have:
– 2x 100k Rapid + 2x 200k Evaluation
– 3x 100k Rapid + 300k Evaluation
The maximum account size you can purchase is $200,000.
The maximum account size you can merge up to is $300,000.
The total allocation we allow per member is $600,000.
For Accelerated accounts:
We allow a maximum of 3 Accelerated accounts per member.

I just got my trading account details? What now?
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Where is your server located?
Our server, Traders Global Group is located in London, United Kingdom.
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How can l receive a payout?
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