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How do I increase my account size?

You can increase your account size by reaching the profit target. This is called scaling up.
The profit target for Conventional is 10%.
The profit target for Emphatic is 20%.
There is no time limit to reach the profit target.

You can scale up your account every 5 calendar days.
Your account will continue to increase until you reach the last phase.

Can I hold trades over the weekend?
Holding trades over the weekend is allowed on our Evaluation and Rapid accounts. However, if you are trading with an Accelerated account, you won’t be...
What are the two ways to earn? (EE & FE)
Traders in our program have the potential to start earning from day one. These are refer to as Expertise Earnings (EE). Once you receive/earn 10%...
What is the difference between a refresh and a reset?
To refresh the account means to bring the account back to initial balance but in order to qualify for a refresh, your account must not...
How to trade forex
Trading forex involves buying and selling currencies in the foreign exchange market. To get started, you need to open a forex trading account with a...
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, however you must have an account with us first before you may become an affiliate. Your affiliate link can be found on the members...
What is forex
The Forex or foreign exchange is where the exchange of foreign currencies takes place for reasons such as trade, commerce and tourism, etc. It is...