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How can l receive a payout?

You can receive your 50% profit share every 5 days no matter how much you make.
Your first payout is 5 days from the day you placed your first trade and your next payouts are every 5 days.

Which countries are not allowed to join MFF?
We accept and allow all traders from around the world to open an account with us.
What are the two ways to earn? (EE & FE)
Traders in our program have the potential to start earning from day one. These are refer to as Expertise Earnings (EE). Once you receive/earn 10%...
What happens if I reach the profit target and then accidentally violate the drawdown rule?
Even if your account reaches profit target, if at any point your account violates a trading objective, it will not be eligible to proceed to...
Is there an option to merge my Accelerated accounts?
Unfortunately, we do not merge accounts in the Accelerated program.
Will I be trading a demo or real account?
All of our traders start on a demo (simulated) account trading in live markets and while earning real profits. Every month we will add your...
What do I have to do to merge my accounts?
You can only merge your Evaluation accounts if they meet the following criteria: – Must be Live accounts – The accounts must not have been...