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How can l receive a payout?

You can receive your 50% profit share every 5 days no matter how much you make.
Your first payout is 5 days from the day you placed your first trade and your next payouts are every 5 days.

What are the payout/withdrawal options?
You can request your payout via: 1. Cryptocurrency If you wish to receive your payout in Cryptocurrency, then you can receive BTC, LTC, ETH and...
What platforms do you offer?
Trading platforms we offer are MT4 and MT5. We plan on offering cTrader in the future but currently don’t have solid confirmation on approximately when.
How long does it take to process my order?
It will take just a few moments for us to provision and send your trading account credentials via email.
I can't open trades on my account. (Trade Disabled)
As our verification process has become fully automated, you can now verify your account through your account analyzer. Simply click on the button labeled ‘AML/KYC...
How do I receive a Swap-Free account?
If your religious beliefs require you to trade swap-free, please let us know and we will arrange an account for you. We aren’t going to...
What is the difference between Evaluation and Rapid program?
In the Evaluation program, you will undergo 2 testing phases – Phase 1 and 2. To complete the phases, you will need to reach the...