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Does the overall drawdown increase?

The only time the overall drawdown increases is when your account size increases. This is after you reach the profit target and get scaled-up.
For example:
Your $50,000 Conventional Accelerated Account has an overall drawdown of $2,500. When you reach the profit target of 10%, your account size will then scale up to $100,000 which increases your overall drawdown to $5,000.

At what time does each instrument/pair close on our server?
Rapid Our trading server closes at 4:55 PM EST on Friday. In case you do not plan to hold trades over the weekend, make sure...
Can I use a trade copier EA?
Yes. You are allowed to use a trade copier as long as you are copying your own trades from your own accounts. It is NOT...
What platforms do you offer?
Trading platforms we offer are MT4 and MT5. We plan on offering cTrader in the future but currently don’t have solid confirmation on approximately when.
How is the daily drawdown calculated?
Daily drawdown is 5% of the starting equity or balance of the day every 5:00pm EST. Daily drawdown is NOT fixed 5% of initial starting...
How many evaluation live accounts can I have at the same time?
You can have as many Evaluation accounts as you wish up to a maximum of $600,000. However, you can only merge accounts up to $300,000...
Is there an option to merge my Accelerated accounts?
Unfortunately, we do not merge accounts in the Accelerated program.