Yes. Swap Free accounts are available for purchase, however there are two rules for traders who opt for swap free accounts: 1) No holding trades over weekends, under any circumstances. By doing so you will lose your account and we will be strict on this rule with no second chances. 2) You can hold a trade for a maximum 3 days (3 rollover periods). There are a large number of reasons these are the rules. Mostly that it will become impossible for our company to make money with swap free accounts as we still have to pay the swap. No liquidity provider provides liquidity without swap charges. We will also be disabling high swap pairs to avoid people being able to manipulate the system. Pairs such as TRY and ZAR will be disabled as well as a few others (full list to come soon). If you wish to trade these pairs, you will need to be subject to swap. Swap free is only applicable on live accounts. We will not be providing phase 1 and 2 evaluation accounts with swap free (its a demo account, so no need).