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Do you have MT4 for MACs?

MT4 does not have a native application for MACs. So your only other option is to use or download MT4 on your phone.
For the adventurous traders, you may be interested in using the following application.
Please keep in mind MyForexFunds does not vouch for or support this program so please use it at your own risk.

How do I start trading?
Signing up is easy. Simply go to the programs page, pick a program that fits your trading style and select a plan for your account...
What is forex trading
Foreign exchange trading is where the market participants do exchanges of foreign currencies for profit. For example, EUR/USD is a currency pair for trading the...
What are the two ways to earn? (EE & FE)
Traders in our program have the potential to start earning from day one. These are refer to as Expertise Earnings (EE). Once you receive/earn 10%...
Can i merge my Rapid Accounts?
You can merge your Rapid accounts if they meet the following criteria: – The accounts must be at initial balance (so if the account has...
Where is your server located?
Our server, Traders Global Group is located in London, United Kingdom.
What are the payout/withdrawal options?
You can request your payout via: 1. Cryptocurrency If you wish to receive your payout in Cryptocurrency, then you can receive BTC, LTC, ETH and...