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Do you have MT4 for MACs?

MT4 does not have a native application for MACs. So your only other option is to use or download MT4 on your phone.
For the adventurous traders, you may be interested in using the following application.
Please keep in mind MyForexFunds does not vouch for or support this program so please use it at your own risk.

Do I need to wait the full 30 trading days?
No, you don’t need to wait for the entire duration of the evaluation phase. Once you reach the profit target and have completed a minimum...
How do I access my Dashboard/Account Analyzer?
You have to first log in to our website dashboard; you may then directly proceed to the account analyzer from there which you can see...
How is consistency calculated?
A safe way to increase or decrease your risk parameters is to keep within +/- 200% of your average or deviation by a factor of...
When will I receive my Live account?
You will fund your Live account from the profits you make on your Demo account. So when you make a profit on your Demo account,...
How long do I have to complete my evaluation?
You will have 30 Calendar days to complete Phase 1 and you will have 60 Calendar days to complete Phase 2.
What is the difference between Evaluation and Rapid program?
In the Evaluation program, you will undergo 2 testing phases – Phase 1 and 2. To complete the phases, you will need to reach the...