If you want to learn more about our program rules please click on the relevant page rules below.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, however you must have an account with us first before you may become an affiliate. Your affiliate link can be found on the members portal or in the link below: https://myforexfunds.com/affiliate-area/?sub=creatives

How long do I have to complete my evaluation?
You will have 30 Calendar days to complete Phase 1 and you will have 60 Calendar days to complete Phase 2.
When will I receive my payouts from the Live account?
When you receive your live account, you must complete a minimum of 10 trading days then you will receive your first payout 1 month after...
Can I trade stocks?
Unfortunately, we do not allow trading stocks in any of our programs.
I passed Phase 1, now what?
Congratulations on passing Phase 1 of your Evaluation! Please make sure you have no remaining open or running trades, completed the minimum requirement of 5...
What Should I Do If I Forgot The Password To The Website?
If you’re having trouble logging in to the website, please go to “Sign in” page (https://myforexfunds.com/login-signup/) and click “Lost your Password”.
Can I hold trades overnight?
Yes, trades can be held overnight.