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Can I use Expert Advisors (EAs)?

For Rapid and Evaluation accounts:
You can use EAs as long as they are not used in the following ways:
– account management services
– copy trading of other persons signals
– tick scalping
– arbitrage trading

Using third party expert advisers is OK so long as it is not managed or traded by another party. All signals must be your own and based on your own set up.

It is a violation if this rule is broken.
Any accounts using these types of EAs will be cancelled, banned and not refunded.

For Accelerated accounts:
EAs are not allowed in this program.
The only exceptions to this rule are trade copiers and Risk Management EAs.
Accounts you are copying from must also not use prohibited EAs.

When will I receive my bonus payouts?
Here is the complete payout schedule for the Evaluation program: After you complete Phase 2, you will be paid 2% of the profit target in...
When will I receive my Live account?
You will fund your Live account from the profits you make on your Demo account. So when you make a profit on your Demo account,...
What is the profit split on Accelerated live accounts?
The profit share in the Accelerated program is 50% for all account sizes.
How are partials calculated?
Partial trade closures are counted as separate trades in your trading history. If you have a Consistency Enabled Account, be sure to include partial trade...
Are there any challenges? Exams?
No – there are no challenges, or verification or “prove yourself” time periods. We understand your time is money, and one must not waste it...
What is assured funding?
Assured funding refers to the maximum account size of that account (when you reach the last Phase). To receive the maximum account size, you must...