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Can I use Expert Advisors (EAs)?

For Rapid and Evaluation accounts:
You can use EAs as long as they are not used in the following ways:
– account management services
– copy trading of other persons signals
– tick scalping
– arbitrage trading

Using third party expert advisers is OK so long as it is not managed or traded by another party. All signals must be your own and based on your own set up.

It is a violation if this rule is broken.
Any accounts using these types of EAs will be cancelled, banned and not refunded.

For Accelerated accounts:
EAs are not allowed in this program.
The only exceptions to this rule are trade copiers and Risk Management EAs.
Accounts you are copying from must also not use prohibited EAs.

What is KYC?
KYC stands for Know Your Client. KYC is a mandatory process for verifying your identity. It’s a regulation that we have to abide by for...
Can I hold trades over the weekend?
Holding trades over the weekend is allowed on our Evaluation and Rapid accounts. However, if you are trading with an Accelerated account, you won’t be...
Is there an option to merge my Accelerated accounts?
Unfortunately, we do not merge accounts in the Accelerated program.
How often will I get paid?
On Consistency Enabled Accounts (CEA), you will receive payments bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). On Non-Consistency Accounts (NCA), you will receive payments every 4 weeks (NOT...
What's the difference between Conventional and Emphatic?
Conventional: – Profit Target: Your account will increase every time your account grows by 10% – Overall Drawdown: 5% of starting account balance – Assured...
What is the difference between a refresh and a reset?
To refresh the account means to bring the account back to initial balance but in order to qualify for a refresh, your account must not...