If you want to learn more about our program rules please click on the relevant page rules below.

Can I trade Cryptocurrency on the weekends?

We allow trading Cryptocurrency during the weekdays only. All instruments on our server are disabled for trading on the weekends, that includes Cryptocurrency.

What is the difference between Evaluation and Rapid program?
In the Evaluation program, you will undergo 2 testing phases – Phase 1 and 2. To complete the phases, you will need to reach the...
When will I receive my payouts from the Live account?
When you receive your live account, you must complete a minimum of 10 trading days then you will receive your first payout 1 month after...
What Should I Do If I Forgot The Password To The Website?
If you’re having trouble logging in to the website, please go to “Sign in” page (https://myforexfunds.com/login-signup/) and click “Lost your Password”.
Where is your server located?
Our server, Traders Global Group is located in London, United Kingdom.
When does my evaluation start?
Your evaluation will start on the day you make your first trade.
What platforms do you offer?
Trading platforms we offer are MT4 and MT5. We plan on offering cTrader in the future but currently don’t have solid confirmation on approximately when.