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Can I scale up my account?

Yes. If you have achieved a profit of 10% or more within a 4 month period and at least 2 of those 4 months were profitable, we will increase your account size by 30% of the original account size.
For example:
If you have a $100,000 account, your account size will increase to $130,000 on your next scale up,
then $160,000,
then $190,000,
and so on.

What documents can I send to verify my proof of address?
To provide your proof of address, you can send any official document that provides your name and home address such as the following: – Bank...
How many live accounts can I have from Accelerated model?
We allow a maximum of 3 Accelerated accounts per member.
Is forex trading profitable
In order to be profitable through the exchange of foreign currencies, one needs to have a good understanding of fundamental and technical aspects of the...
Can i merge my Rapid Accounts?
You can merge your Rapid accounts if they meet the following criteria: – The accounts must be at initial balance (so if the account has...
Where can I download the Traders Global Group MT4?
You will be given the download link for the MT4 via email together with your credentials.
What is assured funding?
Assured funding refers to the maximum account size of that account (when you reach the last Phase). To receive the maximum account size, you must...