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Can I hold trades over the weekend?

Holding trades over the weekend is allowed on our Evaluation and Rapid accounts. However, if you are trading with an Accelerated account, you won’t be able to hold trades over the weekend.

How is the daily drawdown calculated?
Daily drawdown is 5% of the starting equity or balance of the day every 5:00pm EST. Daily drawdown is NOT fixed 5% of initial starting...
What is a forex trader
Any market participant (e.g. Banks or individuals) who carries out exchange of foreign currencies for profit is a forex trader.
I reached the profit target, now what?
Congratulations on reaching the profit target! You may now scale up your account by hitting the “upgrade” button on your account analyzer.
Can I trade stocks?
Unfortunately, we do not allow trading stocks in any of our programs.
What is forex trading
Foreign exchange trading is where the market participants do exchanges of foreign currencies for profit. For example, EUR/USD is a currency pair for trading the...
How can l receive a payout?
You can receive your 50% profit share every 5 days no matter how much you make. Your first payout is 5 days from the day...