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Are there any challenges? Exams?

No – there are no challenges, or verification or “prove yourself” time periods. We understand your time is money, and one must not waste it going through endless hurdles to get paid. With us, you can earn from day one!

Can I hold trades overnight?
Yes, trades can be held overnight.
Do I need to wait the full 30 trading days?
No, you don’t need to wait for the entire duration of the evaluation phase. Once you reach the profit target and have completed a minimum...
How often should I trade? When should I trade?
Traders in our program can trade as often and when they want. We do not have any limits on the number of trades or restrictions...
Which countries are not allowed to join MFF?
We accept and allow all traders from around the world to open an account with us.
What is the profit split on Evaluation live accounts?
When you receive your Live account, you will receive 75% of your profits on your first month. On the 2nd month, you will receive 80%...
Can I use a trade copier EA?
Yes. You are allowed to use a trade copier as long as you are copying your own trades from your own accounts. It is NOT...