The My Forex Funds Accelerated program is built for our traders to start trading a live account from day one. This program is suitable for profitable full-time traders who want to boost their capital immediately.


Skip the evaluation and get started right away with our Accelerated program. We have tailored an industry leading program to give you immediate earning rewards.
Start from 2,000 up to 50,000 USD and grow your funds all the way up to our max 2 million USD with our scaling.

With My Forex Funds’ Accelerated program we allow professional traders to skip the line and jump right into trading real funds, grow quickly with our compounding rewards and reap the benefits of being a professional trader.

Don’t like Evaluations?
Our Accelerated Program is for you

MFF rules

5% or 10% Overall drawdown

There are no daily drawdown limits.

Overall drawdown is set to 5% for Conventional accounts and 10% for Emphatic.

For example, If you have a $50,000 conventional accelerated account, then 5% of that is $2,500. So if your balance/equity goes lower than $47,500 then your account has violated the overall drawdown rule.

Up to 1:100 Leverage

Your leverage will be set to 1:100 leverage on Emphatic and 1:50 leverage on Conventional for FOREX and Metals like gold.

Your leverage will be set to 1:100 leverage on Emphatic and 1:50 leverage on Conventional for Forex, Metals and CFDs.
Maximize your gains whilst controlling your risk and reap the rewards.

Scaling at every 20%*

Your account will scale by 2x or 1.5 x (depending on which phase you are on). You are eligible to scale once every pay period.

*Your account will scale at every 10% for conventional account.

$2 Million USD Cap

Our largest accounts can scale all the way to $2 Million USD

No Shares Allowed

Due to the nature of these accounts, we cannot allow trading in shares in our Accelerated program. You may however trade all your other favorite products like FOREX, CFD’s, Crypto and Metals.

Weekly Payouts

Get your profit split every week. You can receive your first payment within a week, however your account must be of 5 days of age in order to be eligible for a payout. All payouts must be requested by 3pm EST or they will move to the next pay period.

Accelerated Program Benefits

6 points to remember

01No profit targets for payout

Get paid no matter how much you make. Your rewards are in your hands

02Scale up with success

We have a competitive scale up program that will help you reach your goals as soon as possible. After scaling you can reach an account size of $2,000,000!

03No time limits

Trade at your own pace, earn at your own pace. We will not push you to earn and threaten your account. If you grow, we grow.

04No lot size limits

We don’t restrict your trading. Trade at the size you wish, however, remember consistency and risk management is the key to being a profitable trader.

05No consistency rules

Trade once, trade twice, trade one hundred times. Whatever works for you. We only make money if you make money so trade how you are comfortable.

06No daily drawdown

These accounts have no daily drawdown limits. You can only lose when your overall drawdown reaches 5% for Conventional, %10 for Emphatic. Compound at your will but remember, always move forward, don’t go backwards.

Your Rewards

How, When & What?

You are paid 50% of the total profit generated on your account every week. Your account must be 5 days old in order to be eligible for a weekly pay out. All payouts must be requested to billing by 3pm EST and are processed within 1-3 days. You can request a payout by Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrecy, Transferwise or Paypal.