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Latest from the blog

Eric H.

My Forex Funds is one of, if not THE, best prop firm I have found. I started trading with them in Aug 2020, and have never had any issues getting paid. The one time it was “late” (only by a day or two because they were so new and growing rapidly), they gave me a little extra in my payout.

They have some of the best customer service in any industry. My questions are always answered completely and they like to have fun (joking around, buying pizza for the traders, etc.). Everyone is very helpful, but I end up talking to Ben K quite a bit of the time. Just a group of great people. Feels more like I am part of a family/group of friends than I am a trader for a company.

Keep up the great work MFF! I’ll be sticking around for a LONG time.

Daniel R.

I enjoy mff.. I came in as a new trader but I lacked the funds to trade in the market, the best part is you get paid a percentage while in simulation phase! This is a great program with simple rules to follow as a trader. I have heard about other similar programs but have not thought to look at them due to the fact that I have had zero issues with My forex funds. Very fast responses from their team. I as a trader have hit my daily draw downs and the reset process is so simple that I am up and running with new account in 24hrs or less. Very friendly program from a beginner to advanced

Anurag J.

I started with Myforexfunds (MFF) , when they started offering the accounts without any monthly subscription , I got my hands on 20k account , since then I only had good experience , I remember having a bad time while Trading , and Ben (Customer support from MFF), he counselled me and helped me a lot Psychologically . Basically people at MFF are not like a “BOSS” but more like a “Team” . About the Payout it is always on time ,could be 1 day late , but they never seem to miss it. I have received my Payout through Transferwise .

Honestly Myforexfunds has the best Trading Account Parameters with Excellent customer support , I recommend anyone to trade with them for a long-term growth in their career.

Oduwa J.

I have been with MFF since January 2021. MFF for me is a dream come true. Everything about MFF is excellent. Their support team is very helpful. I personally talk with Mr Ben and get response as though we’ve met before. I have never seen such an understanding firm that treat their Traders with such high priority. MFF all the way till death do us part.

Innocent Motsa

I have been trading with my MFF for two months now & I tell you it’s been great. From the first day customer service has been quick to respond & solve any issues. I have also received bonus payments as I’m still trading the demo evaluation.

Seriously I’m about to purchase my second evaluation. MFF is just outstanding so far. I highly recommend their service & opportunity they are giving us new traders.

Company that is going to change my life!

My honest opinion joined MFF telegram when it started. Waited for evaluation to be launched than I missed opportunity to join. I joined on the 2nd batch. And Im currently trading the evaluation phase. And all I can say is im very happy with customer service and overall service delivery. For a company that is fairly new in the business its very amazing. If I pass everything and get my first payout I will post a update. I recommend MFF anyday to anyone. From the CEO to the staff that answers so quickly amazing gents and ladies. I believe ur company will be one of the biggest very soon.

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